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Years have gone by yet I was not able to write something for myself or either for my deep desire for creative writing. However, this turbulent time where all sorts of negativity are around us gave me a chance to do so.

But why I could not write before? There are many reasons that I can think of, and the most obvious reason that I can think of was; I was consumed in my daily life activity and had no time for creative thinking. Rather, this was my excuse and escape. I kept asking myself again and again from where I should start, but to my discomfort no idea or thought stuck me.

Then one fine night when I was in my deep sleep this line ‘Walking through the shaft’ somehow stuck in my memory. I really do not know what it meant exactly or how should I go about writing something on this topic. Anyhow, I browsed internet and found the official meaning of word ‘shaft’ – a long, narrow part or section forming the handle of a tool or club, the body of a spear or arrow, or similar and, a ray of light or bolt of lightning. Nevertheless, after weeks of struggle, thinking and observation I realized the meaning of it or should I say what actually the line was trying to convey. What I have observed is that each and every one of us is actually walking through some kind of shaft or narrow path. But the question is what shaft? But how and why? Well, the answer is very straight forward, events of year 2020. Such as,

Covid-19 pandemic, Black lives matter, Hong-Kong protest, India-China stand-off, Economic recession, Trade war and the list goes on and on.

2020 is one of the most challenging, dangerous and trying year that I have or pretty much whole lot of us have ever encountered.

What actually this event has to do with us walking through the shaft

All these events cumulatively have brought our world to a virtual standstill, and has raised some serious question or rather many questions which actually puts many powerful people in discomfort. Ideological bankruptcy, inability to take decisions, Bureaucratic and Political logjam has pushed community backwards. No one knows what will be the true nature of our society after these events are put to rest. Therefore, the future will depend on how we tackle all these events with our collective Intellect and, wit and wisdom. Hence, it is not incorrect to say that collectively we all are walking on a tight rope – shaft. Either we can full fill our duty and eventually reach the end or fall from it and be broke and live in misery for very long time.

Can we save our self from falling?

Very tough question to answer but, history suggest that we were to manage and save ourselves from falling be it 1918 Spanish Flu to two World wars. The scratch from those events are still alive and fresh bit no matter what each and every one of us are responsible in shaping our future and economy. It is our responsibility to learn lessons from past event and try not make same mistakes. The most important lesson in this turbulent time is to uphold humanitarian values and to show honor and reverence to those values. There are many answers available and I will try my best to write further on this topic but till then … stay safe.

To be continued … 



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